It’s been a little over two years since I first took and passed the Google Educator Level 1 Exam. I actually initially registered for the Level 1 exam last year but because I grew busy, I didn’t feel sufficiently prepared to take the Google Educator Level 2 exam. I wish I had just gone ahead and taken it though because I passed the exam with only about an hour of preparation using the Official Google for Education training modules.

If you’re unsure of the difference between the two, the Google Educator Level 1 Exam covers the fundamentals while the Google Educator Level 2 Exam covers the advanced features of Google Apps for Education. When taking the training course for the level 2 exam I noticed that indeed the training modules appeared more difficult with things I hadn’t known before such as how to use pivot tables and Google Sheets functions among other lesser known Google Apps for Education (GAFE) features. However, while the training modules appeared difficult, I did not recognize a noticeable difference in the level of difficulty between the Level 1 exam and the Level 2 exam. So, if you have a basic understanding of GAFE and best educational practices, I would highly recommend you attempt the Level 2 exam first.

Exam Stats

  • Cost: $25 USD (The Level 1 exam is $10)
  • Time: 180 minutes (3 hours) cumulative for both sections
  • 25 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 12 Scenarios (1-4 Tasks in each)

Areas of Focus

Due to non-disclosure agreements that test takers are required to abide by, I cannot reveal specifics of the exam. However, I would say general knowledge of the following topics would be helpful:

Google Educator Level 2 Exam Overview

I first registered for the exam by visiting the Google Training Center and clicking on the link to register. I paid the $25 fee and then waited roughly a half hour before receiving an e-mail with my testing e-mail address and password. Then I opened the incognito web browser as asked and logged in with my new credentials. Once logged-in, you will create a new password. Remember your password since you’ll need it during the test to login to the various Google Apps. You will take a photo of yourself with your webcam to verify that you’re not cheating. Your webcam will need to remain on for the entire duration of the test to make sure someone else is not taking the test for you.

Multiple Choice (25 Questions)

Once you begin the test you will start with the 25 multiple choice questions. The nice thing is that similar to the Level 1 exam, you are told how many of the check boxes you are required to select meaning that you don’t have to think too hard about some responses that could be potentially misleading. In addition to the multiple choice (check box) selection, there are also drag and drop questions for sorting into categories and ordering from first to last.

Performance Assessments (12 scenarios)

The 3 hour clock will continue ticking while you move on to the second section filled with the 12 scenarios. Each scenario is based off of some problem at school where you can resolve it using Google Apps for Education. Each scenario is further broken down into separate tasks (between 1-4 tasks).

Stuck? Just Google It!

During the test you can mark difficult questions for review. Then at the very end you can return to complete any multiple choice questions or scenario questions. The beauty of the test is the authenticity akin to the real world. During the test you have access to the entirety of the internet and Google Search at your disposal. If you’re unsure about something, just google it. So if you have a basic understanding of how to use GAFE and have a basic understanding of Google search research methods you should be fine. Don’t even bother with the fundamentals exam since you’ll most likely pass the advanced exam.

I finished the entire exam with 30 minutes to spare. Despite my initial nerves, I came out confident. I was also excited to learn about new Google add-ons and features. And I learned a few cool tricks like pivot tables and conditional formatting on Google Sheets. So, don’t sweat the exam! You got this!