Author: Jimmy McKinney

How to Get Free eBooks for Your Classroom

It’s no secret that books play an important role in a child’s academic performance and future success. A study by researchers at the University of North Carolina have found that “the number of books in the family home, exerts a strong influence on academic performance in ways consistent with the cognitive skill hypothesis, regardless of the nation’s ideology, political history, or level of development.” So where can I get some free eBooks to jumpstart my classroom library as a teacher or my at home library as a parent? 1. Open eBooks Open eBooks is one of my favorite sources...

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Rescue Time Review

RescueTime is a time management app that aims to increase productivity by tracking time spent on different websites categorized by productivity level. Multiplatform Use RescueTime is available for multiple platforms including Mac, PC, Android, and Linux. I tested RescueTime and its features using both a Chromebook and the Chrome browser on a mac. When using RescueTime on a Chromebook it tracks only time spent on an individual tab. The fact that it only tracks open tabs works great in my own classroom. I will allow students in my classroom to listen to music to help them remain focused. Music will often drown...

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Online Literature Circles with Moodle

If you’ve never used Moodle before, Moodle is a LMS (Learning Management System) similar to Blackboard or Edmodo. Moodle however is an open source platform that can be run and customized by any individual on their personal website. Moodle is great because it is extremely customizable allowing for a variety of different activity types, assignment layouts, and assessment methods.

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